Friday, 23 October 2009

6. Kaneda

(continued from 'Solveig')
Then Kaneda was born, in Bergen actually - Solveig’s always been quite casual with her legal existence in France and resolved to keep low profile. After all, being Norwegian, she’s not an European citizen and even if she’s white and educated, she’s been an illegal alien in France for all these years... Kaneda is a Japanese name - the good guy in famous Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga Akira, Solveig was truly in love with him at the age when you can still love an anime character. Sometimes she thinks that loving so much a cartoon guy remote her from real life ones – none could look as sexy carrying a giant gun and riding his futuristic motorbike in the streets of NeoTokyo, and who would confront cosmic mutant Tetsuo to prevent him from destroying Japan again? Well, little Kaneda is now an ultra-blond little angel, his hair so light that he looks almost an albino.

(to be continued...)

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